Pace Tables

Pace tables, or pace charts, are useful reference tables that enable you to quickly see what finish times various paces and speeds will yield for different distances. At a glance, you can convert from a pace or speed to a finish time for common training and racing distances on the track and the road.

Tables are available for a range of paces expressed in minutes per mile and kilometres per mile, and also for speeds expressed in miles per hour, kilometres per hour and metres per second.

Pace Ranges in Minutes/Mile
3:30-4 mins/mile 4-5 mins/mile 5-6 mins/mile
6-7 mins/mile 7-8 mins/mile 8-9 mins/mile
9-10 mins/mile 10-11 mins/mile 11-12 mins/mile
12-13 mins/mile 13-14 mins/mile 14-15 mins/mile
15-16 mins/mile 16-17 mins/mile 17-18 mins/mile
18-19 mins/mile 19-20 mins/mile  
Pace Ranges in Minutes/Kilometre
2:30 - 3 mins/km 3-4 mins/km 4-5 mins/km
5-6 mins/km 6-7 mins/km 7-8 mins/km
8-9 mins/km 9-10 mins/km 10-11 mins/km
11-12 mins/km 12-13 mins/km  
miles per hour kilometres per hour metres per second
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