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running coaching

Corporate run clubs, online coaching, technical running analysis, 1-2-1 sessions, and customised sessions from professional UK Athletics running coaches.

Tools & Calculators

running tools and calculators

Create a pace band for your next race, work out your age grading score, predict race times, calculate your heart rate zones and more with our tools and calculators.

Training Sessions

Running Coaching

Over 40 training sessions described in lots of detail and your questions answered by our team of expert running coaches.


running guides

Read our guides on heart rate training, warming up and cooling down, stretching, getting started with running and race day tips.



Interviews with people from all over the world of running, including Guy Learmonth, Ben Pochee, Matt Kiernan, John White and the wife of a runner.



Our famous running rants, plus monthly book reviews and of course a blog.

Fun & Facts

fun and facts

Tables of worlds records, videos, the things runners think about and running quizzes.



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