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Pace Band Generator


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Choose a title, a race date and a short message to print on your pace band

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Creating Your Pace Band

Our pace band generator allows you to create and print a completely customised pace band for your run or race. As well as displaying your race splits on screen, you can generate a PDF which you can print at home, cut out, and wear as a race bracelet for your special day.

Mile and kilometre markers in races aren't always in the right place, and although GPS watches are fairly accurate, they can fail at the worst of times. In races, runners generally rely on a combination of the two to help gauge their true pace. Adding a pace wristband to the mix can help provide extra confidence and saves the runner from performing potentially complicated arithmetic 23 miles into a marathon.

You can choose any distance from 10 metres to 500 miles/800 kilometres, and include up to 80 splits of your choosing. There are options to show paces and speeds on the band and you can also include a title, the date, and a motivational message.

You can choose from three different sizes to print a wristband that best fits you.

Step 1 - Distance

Start by entering your race distance. Choose from our predefined race distances, or enter your own in metres, kilometres or miles.

Step 2 - Time/Pace

Enter the time in which you want to complete the distance (in hours:minutes:seconds format).

Or if you prefer you can enter the pace you want to run at (in either minutes per kilometre or minutes per mile) or the speed you want to run at (in kilometres per hour or miles per hour).

Step 3 - Splits

Now choose the split distance you want shown on your pace band. Your race distance will be divided into splits and the time required to reach each distance will be shown. You can choose from our predefined distances, or enter your own in metres, kilometres or miles.

Step 4 - Print Options

There are several extra print options available to customise your pace band:

Split Options

You can decide whether or not to choose some extra splits in addition to those you specified in the previous step. Choose from any combination of: kilometre splits, mile splits and a halfway split.

Pace/Speed Options

There's also the option to display the paces and speeds required to run your target time. Choose from any combination of: minutes per kilometre, minutes per mile, kilometres per hour and miles per hour.

Decimal Places

You can choose how many decimal places to show on the band's split times. This only really applies to shorter races or if you want to be very exact - most people won't need the accuracy of two decimal places on a marathon pace band.

Wristband Size

There are three band sizes available to choose from. Choose one appropriate to your wrist size. Note that a smaller band will contain fewer splits per band.

Page Size

Choose whether you want to print on A4 or Letter paper.

Step 5 - Personalization

Give your pace band a name (it could be your name, or the name of the race), enter the date of your race, and include an inspirational message or reminder.

Final Step - Create Your Pace Band

Hit "Generate" and you'll be shown a summary and a splits table. You'll then have the option of generating a PDF so that you can print your pace band.

Please be aware that the generator limits you to 80 splits (ultra marathon runners take note). If you choose to have several splits, they will be printed across several pace bands. This may be necessary for those creating a marathon pace band.

Top tip: laminate your printed wristband.

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