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VO2 Max Calculator


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This calculator estimates a runner's VO2 max based on a recent race result. It also predicts what a runner might achieve for that race distance for varying values of VO2 max.


VO2 max is a well-recognised metric for predicting athletic performance. The VDOT formula (see below) that this calculator makes use of is based on real performances of runners. As such, all components of a runner's fitness, including lactate threshold, running economy, endurance, and psychological factors, are baked into the formula.


The VDOT formula was derived using performances from elite runners, so it may not translate well to VO2 estimates for other standards of runners.

As mentioned above, all components of a runner's fitness are automatically included in the formula. Although this may be considered a strength of the formula for those interested in VO2 max as a performance indicator, it is less useful as an estimate of a runner's true VO2 max value. This will be most noticeable amongst athletes for whom running is not their main sport. E.g. an elite-level swimmer or cyclist is unlikely to be able to achieve a running performance that reveals their true VO2 max.

Using the calculator

To use the calculator simply choose or specify a race distance and enter a recently-achieved time.

Note that while you can use any distance to generate an estimate, that estimate is likely to be more accurate for distances of 1500 metres or more.

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How It Works

VO2 max formula

The calculator is based on the Daniels and Gilbert formula for estimating VO2 Max.

It may be more properly described as a VDOT calculator, since this is the term referred to by Daniels.

The VDOT formula is as follows:

VO2 Max = (−4.60 + 0.182258 × S + 0.000104 × S2)/(0.8 + 0.1894393 × e(-0.012778 × T) + 0.2989558 × e(−0.1932605 × T))

S is speed in metres per second
T is time in minutes

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