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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are commonly used to enhance website functionality and to provide information to site owners.

Cookies we use

The table below describes the cookies we use

Cookie Name Purpose
hideloginwidget & hidesmallloginwidget Web site visitors can collapse and expand the login widget that is shown for users that are not logged in. These cookies remember whether the user has most-recently expanded or collapsed the widget so that their preferences are maintained across pages and on subsequent site visits. We use two cookies for this purpose: hideloginwidget is used to store preferences for the widget that is used on larger screen sizes (e.g. desktop computers/laptops) and hidesmallloginwidget is used to store preferences for the widget that is used on smaller screen sizes (e.g. tablets, smartphones).
This site uses Google Analytics to track website trends. It does this using these cookies without identifying individual visitors. You can see details of Google Analytics data privacy and security here
PHPSESSID This is used to establish user sessions (i.e. logins). It means that a user's login status can be determined without repeated requests to supply credentials.

Managing cookies

Here are some links to guides on managing cookies for popular browsers:


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