Latest News

Latest News

13th November 2019

Updated Navigation

We've updated navigation across the site, adding subsection menus for mobile, adding relevant links to various pages, and moving a few bits and pieces around to make the site easier to navigate.

23rd October 2019

Updated Stillman Calculator

Following user feedback, we've added an "interpretation" section to our Stillman Weight Calculator.

22nd October 2019

New Links

We've added a few new bits to out links page.

15th October 2019

New Rant

Training going perfectly? It's time to catch a cold!

10th September 2019

New Training Session

Feeling hungry? Well, that's not what a parkrun sandwich is about.

15th July 2019

New Rant

Is anybody feeling hot?

13th June 2019

New Training Session

Feeling speedy and strict about recoveries? Double Time is the session for you.

8th April 2019

New Video

A sub-four-minute mile is pretty impressive. But how about doing it with a dog?

26th March 2019

Updated Interviews

Not the biggest update ever, but we thought it might be a good idea to mention the date that our interviews with people from the running world took place!