Latest News

Latest News

29th January 2019

New calculator

We've got a brand new calculator that allows you to quickly convert between different paces and speeds.

24th December 2019

Tools & Calculator Updates

We've made some updates to lots of our tools: Our race predictors, BMI calculator, max heart rate calculator and heart rate zones calculator. They now all provide a little more information, improved navigation and some relevant links.

15th December 2019

World Record Pace Tables

We've added a couple of new pace table to show what times would be yielded by men's world records and women's world records.

9th December 2019

Updated Pace Tables

We've extended our Pace Tables to include common track ytaining and race distances from 100m to 1600m.

6th December 2019

Updated Age Grading Calculator

Big update to our Age Grading Calculator, including more-accurate results, fuller description, details of how it works and some elite examples.

22nd November 2019

Updated Weight vs. Pace Calculator

We've significantly expanded the description on our Weight vs. Pace Calculator page, including details about how it works and how to make best use of the results.

15th November 2019

New Ask the Coaches

What's the best best 5k workout?

13th November 2019

Updated Navigation

We've updated navigation across the site, adding subsection menus for mobile, adding relevant links to various pages, and moving a few bits and pieces around to make the site easier to navigate.

23rd October 2019

Updated Stillman Calculator

Following user feedback, we've made big changes to our Stillman Weight Calculator.

22nd October 2019

New Links

We've added a few new bits to out links page.

16th October 2019

New Blog Post

Should you run? We consider six scenarios when it's probably best to give it a miss.

15th October 2019

New Ask the Coaches

Are rest days important?

New Rant

Training going perfectly? It's time to catch a cold!

15th September 2019

New Ask the Coaches

What's a good time for 5k?

10th September 2019

New Training Session

Feeling hungry? Well, that's not what a parkrun sandwich is about.