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15th April 2023

New blog post

Race Directors don't always say what they mean, so we provide a handy translation guide.

29th December 2022

New blog post

Have you ever wondered how many parkruns it's possible to do in a year?

17th December 2022

New Design

We've redesigned our site to make it faster, prettier, and easier to navigate.

17th August 2022

New blog post

Find out when walking can be useful for runners.

14th August 2022

Pace to speed converter update

We've updated our pace/speed conversion calculator to include details of how calculations are carried out and also to include exztra finish time distances in the summary.

15th July 2022

Heart rate zones calculator update

Our heart rate zone calculator now includes fat-burning zones, and also give personalised training session recommendations based on your personal zones.

25th June 2022

New Tool: VO2 max calculator

Find your VO2 max from a recent race result. Based on Jack Daniels' VDOT values.

23rd June 2022

New Tool: Cooper test calculator

Estimate your VO2 max with our Cooper test.

29th March 2022

New blog post

Tips on adding variety to your running training.

18th May 2022

New article

Find out all about running uphill and downhill in our new guide to hill running

18th March 2022

New blog post

Struggling on a longer run? You need some mini goals.

14th November 2021

New blog post

Are you looking for love? Ask prospective courtees these questions.

21st August 2021

Update for mobile devices

We've updated our tools and calculators to make inputting times and paces easier on mobile devices.

14th August 2021

New Tool: Training pace calculator for runners

Our training pace calculator helps you determine suitable training paces and comes with plenty of personalised training session examples to get you going.

30th July 2021

New Tool: Calorie calculator for walkers

We now have a calorie calculator for walkers.

20th July 2021

New Tool: Calorie calculator for swimmers

We now have a calorie calculator for swimmers on the site. Swim away!

18th July 2021

New blog post

Phil's been going naked.

29th May 2021

New session

See our description of fartlek sessions.

28th March 2021

New tools

Use our treadmill conversion chart to quickly convert between miles per hour, kilometres per hour, minutes per mile, and minutes per kilometre. Perfect for treadmill runners.

9th March 2021

More cycling tools: speed tables

We've added speed tables for cyclists. Available in miles per hour and kilometres per hour.

6th March 2021

New Tool: Calorie calculator for cyclists

Yes, we know we're a running website, but people are finding the running calorie calculator so useful that we decided to also build a cycling calorie calculator.

24th February 2021

New Tool: Reverse Age Grading Calculator

Brand new calculator! Our reverse age grading calculator allows you to work out how fast you need to run to achieve any age-grading percentage.

21st February 2021

Age Grading Calculator Updated

We've updated our age grading calculator to use the 2020 road tables.

31st October 2020

New Calculator

We've got a new calorie calculator for runners.

5th June 2020

New Blog Post

What on earth is a junk mile?