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How many parkruns can you do in 2023?

Most people, once they start parkrun, start looking forward to milestones.

It's natural to want to know how long it will take to register a certain number of runs. But what if you went all out and did as many parkruns as allowed in 2023?

Maximum number of parkruns in a year

There are usually 52 (sometimes 53) Saturdays in a year, so you may think the answer is 52 for 2023, but that simple calculation ignores special days. Each country that hosts parkrun can choose a special day on which they have an extra parkrun.

So, if you decided that in 2023 you were going to complete a parkrun every Saturday and also tour the world, seeking out special days, how many could you manage? Let's work it out, keeping a running total.

All the Saturdays

You're not going to get ill, you're not going to run any Saturday morning races, and you're not going to volunteer (naughty you). There are only 52 Saturdays in 2023 (there were a whopping 53 in 2022), so let's start with 52.

Running total: 52

1st January 2023, New Year's Day (multiple countries)

In addition to their special day, each parkrun is allowed to host an extra even on January 1st.

In the old days you used to be able to register more than one run on New Year's Day, but sadly that little bit of fun is no longer permitted.

Running total: 53

1st May 2023, Labour Day (Norway)

First stop on the world tour is Norway for Labour Day, which takes place on a Monday in 2023. Remember that events in Norway start at 09.30.

Running total: 54

4th May 2023, Greenery Day (Japan)

Time to visit Japan for Greenery Day, which falls on a Thursday in 2023.

Running total: 55

18th May 2023, Ascension Day/Helatorstai (Finland)

Finland's Helatorstai also falls on a Thursday in 2023, so keep an eye on the Finnish parkruns. Don't forget that events start at 9.30 in Finland.

Running total: 56

29th May 2023, Whit Monday/Pinksteren (Netherlands)

Next stop is the Netherlands for Whit Monday, which, as expected, is on a Monday.

Running total: 57

5th June 2023, Constitution Day (Denmark)

Falling on a Monday, Denmark's Constitution Day offers another opportunity for parkrunning in 2023.

Running total: 58

6th June 2023, National Day Of Sweden (Sweden)

It's a busy week, because one day later on Tuesday we have The National Day Of Sweden takes place in.... Sweden. Remember that Swedish parkruns start at 09.30.

Running total: 59

1st July 2023, Canada Day (Canada)

Frustratingly, Canada Day falls on a Saturday in 2023. So while you're welcome to join a Canadian parkrun and celebrate on this day, it won't make the running total any fatter.

Running total: 59

9th August 2023, National Day (Singapore)

Time for a mid-week parkrun in Singapore to celebrateThe National Day of Singapore, which is on a Wednesday in 2023

Running total: 60

16th September 2023, Malaysia Day (Malaysia)

Oh no, another special day falling on a Saturday. But why not celebrate Malaysia Day in Malaysia anyway?

Running total: 60

3rd October 2023, German Unity Day (Germany)

parkrun Germany events can choose to celebrate German Unity Day with an extra run on Tuesday 3rd October.

Running total: 61

23rd November 2023, Thanksgiving (USA)

If you're in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November you can visit a Thanksgiving parkrun.

Running total: 62

25th December 2023, Christmas Day (Multiple)

Many events in UK, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, and Australia choose to host an event on Christmas Day, often with fancy dress. Christmas Day falls on a Monday in 2023.

Running total: 63

26th December 2023, Boxing Day (Poland)

After your Christmas Day parkrun, why not also run on Tuesday by nipping over to Poland the very next day for a Boxing Day run?

Running total: 64

So, there we have it. The maximum number of parkruns it's possible to run in 2023 is 64. That's 320 kilometers, or 199 miles.