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Balke 15-minute Run Test Calculator

This is the Balke 15-minute run test. Looking for the Balke treadmill test?


Enter the distance run in 15 minutes.



The Balke 15-minute run test provides a way to predict a runner's VO2 Max. The test is best completed on a running track with the assistance of a timekeeper.

Test procedure

Run for 15 minutes without any breaks and record the distance covered.

The test can be performed on any flat surface, but practically, a running track is best so that a precise distance can be measured.

If possible, it's also best to run in moderate weather conditions. I.e., no excessive wind, rain, or heat.

Carry out a thorough warm-up before the test to ensure you can run to the best of your ability.

The distance achieved is used to predict your VO2 Max.


  • Simple test protocol
  • Time-efficient
  • Minimal equipment and assistance required
  • Easily repeated so that progress can be monitored over time


  • Less-experienced runners may struggle with consistent pacing
  • Some runners don't have access to a running track or a suitably large and flat route

Using the calculator

To use the calculator, select your sex, enter the total distance covered, and hit Calculate.

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How It Works

The runner's VO2 Max can be predicted using the following formula, taken from Frank Horwill's 1994 book, Obsession for Running:

VO2 Max = (distance ÷ 15 − 133) × 0.172 + 33.3

For example, a runner achieving a distance of 3210 in 15 minutes has an estimated VO2 Max of:

(3210 ÷ 15 − 133) × 0.172 + 33.3 = 47.2

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