Two men wearing santa hats running through the forest

12 Days of Running

Tap on a smartwatch to see a running tip from Santa. There's one for each day of Christmas from December 25th to January 5th.

The tips only become available on the day, so be sure to keep coming back.

Day 1
December 25th

Beat This

Did you know the famous 220 − age formula is practically worthless?

Day 2
December 26th

Mix it up

Including a variety of paces in your training is crucial for peak performance.

Day 3
December 27th


Walking and other low-intensity exercises like yoga or Pilates are perfect for active recovery days.

Day 4
December 28th

Run Faster

Strides develop speed, coordination, strength, power, range of motion, aerobic capacity, and more.

Day 5
December 29th

Eat Well

Refuelling is crucial for optimal recovery. Eat as soon as possible after finishing your session.

Day 6
December 30th


Running with groups brings several benefits, including an element of fun.

Day 7
December 31st

Zone Out

Heart rate zone training can help ensure you're hitting the right intensities.

Day 8
January 1st


Variety is so important for maintaining motivation.

Day 9
January 2nd


Getting things off your chest can make you a happier runner (maybe).

Day 10
January 3rd


Having a pacing plan helps you race more effectively.

Day 11
January 4th

Never Alone

Do you annoy your other half?

Day 12
January 5th


Speak to and learn from other runners.