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Running Technique Analysis

Our technical analysis offers an in-depth review of your running technique and provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to fix problem areas.

The session takes place with a professional UK Athletics Running Coach. With a technical running analysis session you get:

  • A 2-hour session
  • Video analysis and review
  • Strength & Conditioning analysis and review
  • Instruction on remedial action
  • Running drills, technical pointers and strength & conditioning exercises to fix problem areas
  • A detailed session report, action plan and session suggestions

All delivered by a professional UK Athletics Running Coach for just £65.

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Who's It For?

A technical analysis is perfect for any runners who aren't quite sure where to start. It's also ideal for those who have specific issues they want to deal with, or indeed anybody who just wants to improve their running.

Beginners will benefit from getting it right from the get go, and more-experienced runners can fine-tune their technique and training to ensure the best results possible.

Some runners find that the technical analysis gives them the tools they need to go and develop their running on their own. Others like to follow-up with a block of 1-2-1 sessions to work on any problems with a coach.

Our technical analysis sessions are available in the South West, including Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Bristol and Bath.

They're popular as birthday presents and Christmas gifts for runners. And if you buy running coaching as a gift let us know and we can send you a voucher.

How It Works


You fill in an enquiry form and a coach will get in touch within 24 hours.

We'll have a chat - either by email or phone - about your running history, current status and goals and agree on a time and location to meet that suits you.

The Session

We start with a warm up. As well as getting you prepared for the rest of the session, this is a perfect opportunity to discover and discuss the best type of warm-up.

We then move on to a video analysis. We'll record you running from several different angles, then use slow-motion playback and analysis tools to examine and discuss your technique and to highlight any problem areas.

Next we'll move on to a series of test exercises to determine any weaknesses and problems with flexibility, strength etc.

Your coach will then take you through a series of technical pointers, drills, techniques and flexibility, strength & conditioning exercises that will help you fix technical woes and any problems noted with flexibility and strength.

You'll then do a mini running session together. The exact session will depend on what the coach thinks is most appropriate for you based on your running history, current status, goals and the results of the video analysis and test exercises.

You'll then spend a little time going over the drills, exercises once again to make sure everything is clear.

Finally, you'll spend a little time cooling down and stretching. At this point your coach will show you useful post-running stretches.


You go home and the next day your coach will email you a full report that includes clear descriptions of the problems noted and descriptions of all the technical pointers, drills and exercises used during the session.

We'll also include recommendations and a few suggestions for sessions that your coach thinks will specifically benefit you.

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Technical Analysis Testimonials

“I already feel so much more fluid and I can even look at other runners and tell exactly what they're doing wrong.” Tani, Crewkerne

“Really happy with an excellent session last week and I can honestly notice the difference already. I didn't expect so much would be packed into two hours. Thank you!” Brian, Yeovil, Somerset