A stack of flexi cones on a stand

Tidy Up Time

  • Nice add-on to other cone games
  • Works agility and is a fun mini competition
  • Ideal for groups of 2+
  • Works well wherever cones are scattered randomly

Tidy Up Time is a fun game that stems from the laziness of running coaches.


A set of flexi-cones distributed randomly around an area. Probably left over from a previous cone game.

Setting Up

Assuming that a cone game involving lots of cones being scattered everywhere has just taken place, then no set up is necessary.

As a standalone session simply distribute cones around the play area. 2-3 cones per person is a good guide.


Each player has to collect as many cones as they can. The players run out to the play area, collect a cone, return to base with it and start building their own personal pile. When all cones have been collected each player's pile is counted and the athlete with the most cones is declared the winner.


  • Players must only collect one cone at a time. I.e. each cone must be picked up and returned to base before returning to collect any others.

Group Size

A minimum of two players is needed. The limiting factor for maximum group size tends to be number of cones. It's useful to have 2-3 cones per player so that everybody has a chance to collect at least one or two.


Team Collection

With a large number of players it's easy to get confused about whose pile of cones is whose. A good option with more than six or so players is to split the group into teams. Two or three teams works well.

Real World Example

There is a group of 17 young athletes and the session is taking place in a sports hall. The group has just finished playing cups & cones and cones are distributed randomly around the hall.

The group is split into two teams of six players and one team of five players.

Three flexi-cones are laid down to start collection piles for each team. The five-player team, being at a disadvantage, has an extra two cones added to their pile to even the playing field.

Play begins and the athletes run around collecting cones, adding each one retrieved to their team's pile. When all the cones are back they are counted up and despite their lower numbers the team of five players has collected the most. As a reward they get to pick a 30-second forefeit exercise for the other two teams to perform.


Make the game more challenging (and show how mean you are) by throwing cones back into the area of play as they're collected. Use this tip with caution!


Players should be careful not to bump heads when collecting cones. Place cones at reasonable distances apart to mitigate this.