Aerial view of a woman running on a road with lanes marked out

Progressive Pace Reps

  • A good session for developing pace judgement and hitting a mix of speeds
  • Perfect for the running track

Most interval sessions involve running at a consistent pace. Progressive pace reps offer a fun and challenging alternative.


You'll need a stopwatch or an assistant to measure times for this session.

The Session

Find a loop of about 200m - 500m. A 400m track is perfect.

Your goal is simply to perform ten repetitions, with each one being faster than the previous. Take a minute's recovery between each.

This can be very tough to get right. Most people tend to start to fast and have nowhere to go.

The session can also work with groups, but is much harder for each individual when there is a mix of abilities.


Start conservatively and allow yourself a lot of room to speed up, otherwise you'll run out of steam pretty quickly.


Remember to warm up before your session and cool down afterwards.