A sandwich on a plate that is filled with parkrun barcodes and grass

parkrun Sandwich

  • A simple way of adding a bit of mileage to a parkrun
  • A nice way to break up a run

A parkrun sandwich simply involves completing a parkrun that's "sandwiched" between two other runs.

The Session

Do some running before the parkrun. Run the parkrun. Run a bit more.

If you're a convenient distance from the event then obviously running to and from home can work, and has the added bonus of allowing you to avoid the bustle of the car park.

Or you could take the opportunity to recce the course beforehand (and work out where you went wrong afterwards).

This is a useful alternative for those who hate to miss their Saturday morning parkrun fix, but also need a longer run.


Open parkrun sandwich

Perform a run before the parkrun and finish with the parkrun itself. This is a good way to incorporate a strong finish into a longer run since you'll find the atmosphere at parkrun makes it so much easier to push on a bit.


Don't forget your barcode.


Remember to warm up before your session and cool down afterwards.