An analogue stopwatch with its face showing in a mirror

Double Time

  • A structured and speedy session where the pace of your rep dictates the pace of your recovery
  • Works well on a flat field or the running track

Most interval sessions have strict rules regarding repetition pace and recovery time, but recovery pace is usually ignored. Double Time will keep you on your toes throughout the whole session.


You'll need a stopwatch or an assistant to measure times for this session.

The Session

The goal is simply to run reps twice as fast as you run your recoveries.

Find a loop of about 200 - 400 meters. A running track is perfect.

Run a lap hard and note the time.

Now run a recovery lap in twice the time it took to run your hard lap. Repeat 8-12 times.

Although the recovery pace is much slower than the repetition pace, it will feel moderately challenging as a recovery. You will probably find it gets harder and harder to maintain as the session continues, meaning a less-complete recovery with each rep.


Half Time

In this session your first lap is performed at recovery pace. You first hard repetition must then be performed in half the time.

In this variant some discipline is required to not start too quickly and set yourself an impossible task.


Have a think about feasible paces before and after the session.

If you find your recovery is unbearably slow then try reducing the rep distance and picking up the pace.


Remember to warm up before your session and cool down afterwards.