A woman wearing exercise attire performing the plank on a bench in the woods

Circuit Mix

  • An excellent opportunity for a whole-body workout
  • Works well on a running track or an area of well-maintained grass

Can't decide whether to run or do circuit training? Why not both?

The Session

The idea is to complete 5 x 30 second runs, with 30 seconds of an exercise of your choice in between each.

For example:

30 second run; 30 seconds press-ups; 30 second run; 30 seconds plank; 30 second run; 30 seconds star jumps; 30 second run; 30 seconds squats; 30 second run.

That looks like a lot written out, but it's just 4 and a half minutes of work (albeit hard work - the lack of any recovery makes it pretty tough).

Take a couple of minutes to recover and then repeat, perhaps with different exercises.

3-5 sets works well for a session.


Be sure to pick exercises that you can carry out fairly comfortably for 30 seconds. You'll get tired pretty quickly during this session.

If the session is too demanding or too easy just modify the time spent running and/or circuiting.


Remember to warm up before your session and cool down afterwards.