A runner holding his knee, which appears inflamed

Knee Pain

The Question

This question is from Marie, who's in pain:


“New runner here. I get knee pain after almost every run I do. Wait a few days and it goes. Run again and it's back. Help!”

Our Coach's Answer

Simon - running coach
Simon Loughran - Middle-distance runner and UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) and Athletics Coach

“Knee pain is very common for new runners. We previously answered a question about shin pain and much of the advice given there applies here. The correct shoe becomes even more important when considering knee pain, since excessive pronation can twist the knee in an unnatural way.

Be careful about the amount of downhill running you do. When you run downhill you automatically run faster and take longer strides, hitting the ground with more impact. Conversely, uphill running tends to result in a shorter stride and less stress.

Warming up well can also help. Start with a walk and progress to a slow jog. This may feel tedious, but give it a chance and see how your knees respond. If it does help then it's worth sticking with.

Gentle stretching can sometimes help, but be cautious of overdoing it. Excessive stretching can put a lot of strain on muscles and tendons and could make the problem worse.

If you try all these things and the pain persists then it is probably useful seeing a physiotherapist to determine if there is a problem that's specific to you.”

Our Member's Answer

Salah recommends massage.

Salah - Knee kneader

“Massage can really help and it doesn't have to be expensive. Your knees are in a perfect position for you to massage them yourself.”

Thank you, Salah. There's no doubting the benefits of massage.

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