November 2017 - Feeling Old

The Question

November's question was from June in Somerset, who is feeling a bit old:

I didn't start running until I was 59. I got faster and faster and could go longer and longer, but now eight years later I seem to be slowing down. I'm sure it's age and inevitable, but I find it hard to stay motivated when I'm not getting PBs anymore. I do love running, but it feels like something is missing now.

- June, Somerset

Phil P - UKA Coach in Running Fitness and parkrun fan

“As you're no doubt aware, it is expected that absolute performance will slow down as you age, or after you've been running for a certain number of years.

A useful way of measuring your performance is using age grading tables. An age-grading percentage is a means of identifying the quality of a performance, adjusting for distance, age and sex.

So, you can compare a 15-year-old male running 800 metres against a 82 year old female running a 10k against a 36-year-old female running a marathon.

I have friends who have a special family age grading table displayed in their kitchen.

Have a play with our age grading calculator.”

Our Member's Answer

November's member's answer was from Tom in Devon. Tom has a similar story:

Tom - young at heart

“Similar story here although you're a few years younger than me. I stopped worrying about times and now I focus on other things like seeing how many different parkruns I can visit in a year or how many 10ks I can do in a month. Running is about so much more than PBs and times. Think about how fit you are compared to other people your age. Nothing beats being healthy.”

A great perspective, Tom.