a woman staring into the distance with hair blowing on her face


I went for a run around the block earlier. I ran north, I ran east, I ran west, and I ran south. And somehow the stupid wind was blowing in my stupid face for the entire run.

I swear if I ran on an indoor track I'd somehow still have a headwind against me.

OK, all weather has its downside. Rain gets you wet, the sun gets you hot, snow and ice make you slip over. But there's nothing quite like wind to destroy your soul.

Somebody should organise a race in a wind tunnel. I bet nobody would sign up.

You know what? I'm surprised that any sprints have ever been disallowed because of a tailwind. I don't think any runner's ever experienced a tailwind.

I admit, the wind wasn't blowing directly into me for the entire run*

* I got blown to the side once