The lower legs of three people standing on a podium

Race Results

*refresh*   *refresh*   *refresh*...

The race finished seven hours ago. Why aren't the results up yet?

Maybe there's something on the Twitter feed.

Nope, they were tweeting 14 times a day up until this morning when they posted a picture of two bearded blokes dressed up as fairies, and since then nothing.

Back to the web site... *refresh*   *refresh*   *refresh*

What about Power of 10? Maybe the results are up there?

Nope, the run is listed, but no results yet.

Back to the web site. Hang on, what's this link to "Results"? Why haven't I seen this before?

Great, just need to search for my race number. Why aren't I coming up? Stupid system. First they take ages to get them online and then they can't even...

Oh, wait a minute, this is results from 2013.

Let me check that race info page again. Look, right here, it says that results will be online "shortly" after the race. Seven hours is not "shortly".

Maybe if I look on Strava somebody that ran with me will have linked to them?

Nope. Didn't think so.

My wife comes in the room.

“What are you doing?”

“I'm trying to find the race results.”

“But you know your time. You told me your time on the phone, then when you got in, then you showed me your race splits on your watch and on Strava, phoned three of your running buddies, told them about it and posted it all over social media.”

“Well, yeah, but they said the results would be up after the race.”


“Well, I don't know it exactly.”

“But you said you saw the clock as you went over the line?”

“Aah, yes, but that was gun time, not chip time.”

“But you said you started your watch as you went over the mat?”

“I suppose you're right...”


*refresh*   *refresh*   *refresh*...

The results were wrong anyway. Said I was a whole ten seconds slower than my Garmin did *

* I may have accidentally pressed stop at a water station