A dog running and pulling an ugly face

Race Photos

Yes, it sounds lovely. You can celebrate and remember your glorious PB with your very own set of photos from the event. So what's the problem?

There are six reasons I don't like race photos.

1. My Face

I didn't think I was that ugly, but this photo... Why does it make me look as though my skin is falling off my skull? Why are my eyes red and bloodshot with giant bags underneath them? Why is my hair matted all over my forehead? I look like a poorly-groomed, depressed bloodhound in pain.

2. My Body

I thought I was in race shape. A lean, mean, running machine.

I wasn't.

3. My Form

If I could have just one photo of myself running where both feet are off the ground and it doesn't look I'm doing a slightly fast walk because somebody's held the door open for me and I feel obliged to get there quickly, that'd be great.

4. The Price

£16 per photo? You must be joking.

5. The Watermark

I'd make do with the low-res demo from the site, but there's a peskty watermark going right across my face.

6. The Other Runners

It's not that I mind having other people around me in a race photo. That, after all, shows that it's a race. It's just that the other people around me have great faces and great bodies and great form. And they probably don't mind forking out £16 per watermark-free photo, the stupid photogenic bastards.

I may have bought a single photograph where I didn't look all that bad *

* and by "bought" I mean got my friend who's good at photoshop to remove the watermark for me