A man reaching for an alarm clock

Good Morning

Such a beautiful morning. The sun's shining but it's nice and cool; the birds are singing; the trails are so peaceful. I feel good today. Feel like I could run for hours. Absolutely nothing could get me down today. Nothing!

Ooh, see there. In the distance. A fellow runner. Enjoying this glorious day just like me. We have so much in common. Both out here working hard, adding up our mileage for the week, thinking about our next race and probably daydreaming about beating our biggest rival in a sprint finish. We are running brothers! I'm gonna say "Hi".

"Good Morning!"

And I'm met with silence. What? How could somebody be so rude? He definitely heard me. He definitely saw me. What could compel somebody to completely ignore a greeting? Even if he's out of breath (and who could be out of breath running at that pace?) he could have waved his hand or gestured in some way. Some people disgust me. Ignorance! From a fellow runner, no less. How dare he? I'm going to... huh?

Oops, I think that lady that just ran by said "Hi" to me and I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice or respond. Oh well, she'll understand. Runners are reasonable people after all.

A nod of the head is acceptable*

* but make sure it's not mistaken for excessive vertical oscillation