A viscious-looking dog


Runners love dogs. Well, some do. But I doubt many of us like a Rottweiler jumping up at us from behind the bushes and "playing with us" while we're out on what is meant to be a nice relaxing trail run.

But is it dogs or dog owners that are the problem? Here's our favourite comments from dog walkers:

1. "He's only playing"

Aah, playing. OK, just let me run up to you at full speed while shouting, rub my muddy shoes all over you and scare you half to death. It'll be fine because "I'm only playing".

2. "She doesn't bite"

Of course not, she just stares at my throat and growls a lot.

3. "I think she likes you"

The feeling's not mutual.

5. "Rover! Rover! Rover! Rover! ROVER! ROVER!!!"

Why not call him again? I'm sure he'll come this time.

6. "That's Bella"

Thanks for letting me know.

7. "Aww, you've got a friend!"


No dogs were harmed in the making of this rant*

* a couple may have been kicked