A woman blowing her nose


You're feeling motivated! You had a great night's sleep, a healthy and hearty breakfast, you've signed up for your next race and you're ready to start a brand new training block.


Hmm, the cat did climb up on the bed last night and leave fur everywhere? Better take an anti-histamine.


Hmm, seem to have something stuck in my throat.

*Dry, razor-blade swallow*

Hmm, must be a bit thirsty.

*Foggy head*

Hmm, must need some fresh air.


OK, I admit it. I have a cold. But all is not lost, is it? General advice seems to be that it's ok to run with a cold if symptoms are below the neck and you don't have a fever. Even the American Lung Association say it's ok, as long you don't feel too bad..

So, you go for a run, and actually feel a little better. Great! This is just one of those minor colds and'll be gone before you know it.

You know what's good for a cold? Spicy food! Wahoo! Let's get a takeaway curry. Forget that all that spice generally comes with bucketloads of fat mixed in.

And if you're having a curry then you may as well have a nice pudding too. After all, ice cream does a wonderful job of soothing the throat. I'm sure I'll feel much better after.

Except I don't. Now, instead of just having a cold, I also feel really sick. And I reckon I've put on about 8 pounds so I'll be lugging that around on my next run.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll feel better after a good night's sleep.

Except I wake up feeling worse.

And the next day I feel worse.

And the next day.

Then I don't feel any worse. But I certainly don't feel any better.

How long is this cold going to last? The race is a write-off and I've put on about 20% of my body weight in all the junk food I've been eating in a vain attempt to taste something or feel mildly comforted. I'm severely deconditioned and don't even feel like a runner any more.

The big question is who gave it to me. Why would any reasonable person do anything but stay locked inside their house when they have the sniffles? I'll have to ask around at that club dinner tonight.

The original draft of this rant was written with cold and descended into meaningless nonsense *

* OK, I admit. This is still the original draft