A hand holding a smartphone that is displaying a run map

Activity Titles

Everybody loves to name their runs on Strava. Some people measure in miles, some in kilometres, others use time.

There are those that give you a clue about the structure or intensity of the run: easy runs, steady runs, tempo runs, intervals, reps, fartleks, hill sessions, recovery runs, race pace runs, strides, threshold runs, group runs, warm ups and so on.

These are all fine. They give your followers a good idea of what you're up to and cause your rivals to start quivering in their boots at the immense effort you're putting into your training

But all isn't well. Some people just get it wrong. Here's a selection of activity titles that mess with our runner's high.

Where are they?

“Missing Miles”

Where are they missing from? I don't care if your watch was on the blink. If it ain't recorded with a GPS device it doesn't count.

Excuses, excuses

“10 miles hilly in mud, rain and wind. Legs tired from race on Sunday”

Yes, yes, we get it. Normally you'd be so much faster it it weren't for the environment, terrain, and your race schedule screwing with you.


“20'wu prg.+2x600/200 rec/10m cd tr”



“8 x 600, watch messed up on last rep”

Nobody is analysing your training in such detail that they'll notice your last rep was only 540 metres instead of 600 (also I bet you just bottled it).

Evening "what"?

“Evening Run”

What's wrong with that. OK, they're too lazy to add a proper title, but it succinctly describes what they did.


Oh, so you ran a 3:32 mile and stole my CR for the segment did you? That was after another 9 miles at 4-minute-mile pace? And why does your profile picture show you wearing a helmet?

You two-wheeled-incorrect-activity-selecting scum! I'm gonna flag your "run" like it's never been flagged before.


“Run to dad's house to pick up birthday card. Back with Jo and chatted about ...”

Thanks for letting me know.

Getting Hot

“Warm down”

I think you mean COOL down!


“4 x 30 seconds plank”


Logging walks is acceptable*

* As long as there aren't any selfies included