Walking - 17th August 2022

Simon - running coach
by Simon - Middle-distance runner and athletics coach

Walking gets a bad rap in some running quarters. Here I'll try to convince you that it can be a really useful tool for runners.

When warming up

Some mornings it's hard to get going. Jumping out of bed onto the cold streets seems like too much of an effort. But if you start by walking? No problem.

When cooling down

Who feels like running more after a hard interval session? Not me. While some gentle jogging is a good idea, finishing off with walking can really help add the finishing touches to a proper cool down.

When recovering

Jog recovery? Well, that sounds like hard work, and I'm supposed to be recovering. Standing still is nice but it means you risk seizing up. With walking you get the best of both worlds.

When injured

I've had plenty of injuries where I've been unable to run without pain, but walking has been fine. What a great way to keep limber and get some low-level aerobic benefits.

Tail walking

Get down your local parkrun and volunteer as a tail walker. You get a run credit, a volunteer credit, enjoyment of the scenery, a bit of exercise, and a nice chat with the back of the pack.

When getting around

You can't run everywhere.