Sweatband - 4th January 2020

Phil - running coach
by Phil - Marathon coach and parkrun fan

I've recently started sweating a lot when I'm running. I don't know why. It's a particularly strange thing to start happening in January in the northern hemisphere when at times I feel like my fingers are in danger of falling off because it's so cold.

Maybe I'm training harder? Whatever it is it's annoying me. I keep getting sweat in my eyes.

My original solution was to wipe at my eyes with my t-shirt. But technical t-shirts aren't very kind to the skin, so I stopped that.

Then I started taking a cloth with me. But that's a bit of a pain to carry. And anything small enough to fit into shorts pockets just gets drenched really quickly.

So, I got a sweatband (or is it a headband?). This actually works really well, but there are two problems.

The first is that I end up with a red mark across my forehead after the run. Not a major problem, but I get some funny looks in the office after lunchtime runs. Or now that people know the reason I get some silly comment about having a big head or something.

A more serious problem is that I look like I'm from the 80s. And not a cool guy from the 80s. It doesn't help that somebody called out "John McEnroe" on a run last week (Damn! Just realised I should have shouted back, "You cannot be serious!").

Maybe it's because I have one of those red towel ones instead of something cool and modern. In fact, I think this sweatband might actually be from the 80s. Where did it come from? I don't know. I deserve everything I get.