Running Irritations - 18th December 2018

Simon - running coach
by Simon - Middle-distance runner and athletics coach

It's time to have a moan. Well, that's nothing new. But I've just got back from a run and so many little things went wrong that I started thinking about other things that could go wrong and I came back with a giant list of things that really irritate me when I'm running.

Some of these are occasional annoyances, and some happen more frequently. But they're all really irritating.

My nipples

It's cold. I forgot to put vaseline on. I'm wearing a white t-shirt. Ow!

My watch

I wonder what my pace is. I wonder what my heart rate is. I wonder how long I've been running. I wonder if I could just enjoy a run without all this bloody gadgetry.

My eyes

They sting! They sting! Oh, the sweat. I'll wipe them. Now that's worse. Argh!

My <insert niggle here>.

I'm trying to ignore it, but it's there and it's telling me there's an injury on the way.

My bladder

It was fine when I left the house, but the second I start running it starts nagging. Maybe this one is my fault for vainly attempting to hydrate for a long run by drinking four large glasses of water in the last hour following days of chronic dehydration. Still irritating.

My tight shoe

No, not tight shoes, but tight shoe. Singular. You stop and loosen it a little. But now the other shoe is tighter. Aargh. This is why I never undo my laces and decide to just suffer the disapproving looks of others as I struggle to force my shoes on and off.

My pace

Why am I running so slowly today?

My sense of direction?

Where the hell am I?

The stone in my shoe

Easily fixed, I suppose. But then why do I wait 20 minutes to actually do anything about it?

The passage of time

I'm out on a long run that I'm not particularly in the mood for, but needs to be done. I feel like I've been running forever. I check my watch and it's been 12 minutes

The traffic lights

When are they going to change? I refuse to start jogging on the spot.

My thirst

Why didn't I bring water? Why didn't I bring money?

There's more of this sort of stuff on our rants page if you want to depress yourself further. I'm off to find something else to moan about.