Running Faster

Running Faster - 2nd June 2018

by Simon - Middle-distance runner and athletics coach

Looking for tips on running faster? Sorry. You're in completely the wrong place. This post is about when it's acceptable to run faster.

In a race

Obviously! Run as fast as you can here.

That last rep

Go on. You've been so disciplined about sticking to the prescribed pace. Feel free to pick things up a little for the final rep (assuming you have the energy).

For variety

Even marathoners can benefit from speed. Chuck in a couple of strides.

For love

Running fast is fun!

When you're late

We do all this training. And for what? Medals, technical t-shirts, bananas in goody bags? No thanks. I need a practical reason for being able to run faster, and what could possibly be more useful that getting somewhere quickly when you're in a rush?

When you're daydreaming

You're out for an easy run and start thinking about how you'll sprint finish. How much did your pace increase?

To show off

Out for an easy run and you spot somebody you know? Admit it - you sped up a little, didn't you?