Running Reflections

When you're out for a run your mind can venture into strange - and occasionally interesting - territory. Here's a selection of running reflections our members have had while out and about. Some are amusing, some are quite philosophical and some are a bit weird.

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"Why does my HRM say my heart rate is 280bpm? I've only just stepped out the door."

- Jiminy

"I LOVE sprint finishes. Until somebody beats me in one at the end of a 10k!"

- Fo Marah

"I'm usually just thinking about the nice fry up I'm gonna have when I get home."

- David

"Let's see if I can beat this cyclist up this hill!"

- Julianne

"I have great responses to heckles... that I think of about thirty minutes after I hear them."

- Paul

"Why didn't I put vaseline on my nipples? Why?"

- Bri

"I counted my steps while running once. Got to about 320 and started having an imaginary conversation about training."

- T&P

"Only 2 miles done? But I've been running for ages"

- Fondant Fancy

"I think I spend more time planning my running schedule than I do actually running."

- Mary

"This run would have been so much easier to get out the way this morning"

- anonymous

"When I'm out for a run I sometimes start thinking about a race and start speeding up"

- anon

"The number of times I've added several miles to my run to avoid a dog is too many"

- Dog Lover

"If a group of attractive runners is in the same area will they eventually form a circle?"

- Simon

"Typically the day of the year that I first choose to go out in running tights there is am autumn heatwave."

- Martin

"I wish there were such a thing as a race photo that didn't make it look as though I were walking"

- hallerina

"Half the reason I run so much is so I can eat more. Actually, it's probably more like 3/4 the reason why I run"

- Ram

"I'm pretty sure every single person in the world is staring at me today"

- teletubbie

"During every single race ever I tell myself I've had enough of running. Afterwards it takes 42 seconds until I'm thiking about the next one."

- Brian

"I'm flying today. Must look great. *checks reflection in shop window". Nope!"

- Mystery Man

"Is it possible to run without getting chased by dogs in town?"

- run

"I wonder if people look at me running when I'm doing an easy run and think I'm running as hard as I can"

- anonymous

"I hate running against traffic. Especially at night when headlights are in my eyes"

- Lucie

"Think I'm running with perfect form; look at myself as I pass shop window; hang head in shame."

- Simon

"Does anybody else get the same line from a song going round and round in their head for the entire run?"

- Jane

"Why can I run for hours on the streets, but last about 14 minutes on a treadmill?"

- Brian

"I've been running for six months now. I still feel like an imposter."

- Anon

"Has anybody ever done a race where the mile markers are actually accurate?"

- shuffleboy

"I've been on this run for ages. It must be about 40 minutes since I last checked my watch... nope, just 10"

- anon

"All the foods!"

- Matt

"If I run an extra two miles I can have a large portion of chips..."

- Tom

"I wish there were dog-free parks. I like dogs, but just for once to be able to have a nice off-road run without being chased."

- SallyStar

"A mile seems so far at the start of a run and so short near the end."

- Tom

"I occasionally run without a watch for that feeling of freedom (OK, I admit, when the battery dies). I still find myself automatically reaching to stop it when waiting to cross roads etc."

- Toby

"New Year's Day. Out for a run. Does everybody think I am trying to stick to a New Year's Resolution? I'm a proper runner I'll have you know!"

- Brian

"If you don't record a session on your watch it doesn't count"

- Tom

"Thank goodness for age gradings!"

- Angus Old

"If I wasn't injured so much I'm pretty sure I would be Olympic champion by now"

- Brad

"Joggers jog while waiting at lights while runners stand there and look angry"

- Bri

"I'm sure that runner I just passed started speeding up as soon as I passed him"

- anon

"Maybe I'll just do 5 reps instead of my planned 8. Yes, I think that is a MUCH better idea."

- Emily

"I know I'm slouching, but I'm soooooooo tired"

- Paul

"I wonder if there's such a thing as a continuously downhill loop?"


"I'm sure the run I just did was continuously uphill. Not sure how that's possible but it was."

- anon