Quiz of the Month - November 2016

Reckon you know your running? Try your hand at our monthly running quiz.

The answers to all questions can be found somewhere on runbundle, so it might be worth a little browse around the site first.

But don't worry. For those without photographic memories we've provided a few handy hints to help you along the way.

Question 1

We'll start with an easy one. Who is the women's marathon world record holder?


Question 2

Who is the book " Healthy Intelligent Training" written by?


Question 3

What did our guest ranter Sarah Moore rant about?


Question 4

What is interviewee Guy Learmonth's race day superstition?


Question 5

Which maximum heart rate formula suggests 208 - (0.7 × age) is the best predictor?


Question 6

A 42 year old woman runs a 5k road race in 27 minutes exactly. What is her age grading percentage?


Question 7

How did Gatlin manage to run 9.45 seconds?


Question 8

In our "Race Day Tips" guide we suggest various items for inclusion on a checklist. Which of the following do we not include?


Question 9

In our interview with the Wife of a Runner, how many shoes was it suggested her husband has needs?


Question 10

How long would it take to complete a marathon running at 8 minutes/mile pace?