Quiz of the Month - January 2017

Reckon you know your running? Try your hand at our monthly running quiz.

The answers to all questions can be found somewhere on runbundle, so it might be worth a little browse around the site first.

But don't worry. For those without photographic memories we've provided a few handy hints to help you along the way.

Question 1

We'll start with a world record. Who is the women's 1500 metre world record holder?


Question 2

The book "Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Running" is written by which author?


Question 3

Which of the following is not a benefit of strides?


Question 4

A man is 6 foot 1 inch tall (185.4 cm) and weighs 9 stone 8 pounds (60.8 kilos). Which BMI category does he fall into?


Question 5

Our interviewee Robbie Britton is keen on trying a much shorter race distance. Which is it?


Question 6

What type of session involves starting with a rep at a certain distance or time, increasing length/duration until a max is reached, and then decreasing length/duration until the starting point is reached?


Question 7

A half marathon run at 8 minutes per mile yields which time?


Question 8

Which charity did guest blogger Claire write about trying to raise money for?


Question 9

How many different subreddits do we link to on the Reddit section of our links page?


Question 10

Our sessions page has a member-only section. Which is it?