Quiz of the Month - Age Special - February 2017

Reckon you know your running? Try your hand at our monthly running quiz.

This month is an age special.

Don't worry if you're not an expert. For those without photographic memories we've provided a few handy hints to help you along the way.

Question 1

Let's start with a world record. Who holds the world record for 100 metres for women aged 35 - 39?


Question 2

Now a distance event. Who holds the world record for 5,000 metres for women aged 40 - 44?


Question 3

There is so much talk of the two-hour marathon barrier being broken. If a time of 1:59:59 were achieved by a man aged 28 what age grading would it yield?


Question 4

Our age-grading calculator uses tables provided by who?


Question 5

Who gets the higher age-grading percentage, a 46-year-old man running 18 minutes for 5k or a 32-year-old woman running 42 minutes for 5k?


Question 6

A 42 year old woman runs a 5k road race in 27 minutes exactly. What is her age grading percentage?


Question 7

In 2012 an 11-year-old cheetah named Sarah ran 100s metre in 5.95 seconds. What's her age-grading percentage?


Question 8

The International Space Station would complete a marathon in 5.5 seconds. Assuming it is female (as ships usually are) and it's 18 years old (it was launched in November 1998, and time of writing is February 2017), what age grading would it achieve?


Question 9

One of our videos shows the 2015 World Masters Athletics Champs 100m final for men aged 90-99. What was the winning time?


Question 10

Final toughie. What is the Londeree and Moeschberger formula for calculating maximum heart rate based on age?