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Expert Guidance for Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

We deliver a full package of services to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of your staff.

Each corporate run club is led by a fully-qualified professional running coach. Here's what you get as part of the package:

  • Group sessions with collection and drop-off at the office
  • A weekly newsletter with details of local events/races and news from across the world of running
  • A weekly "take-home" session catered to the group's needs
  • Unlimited email support for employees from your club's coach
  • Customised training schedules for local races (we select four local races per year)

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Free Taster Session

Not sure if it's right for you? We're so confident that your employees will love us that we offer a completely free, no-obligation taster session so you can find out.

Just get in touch and we'll set up a date and time. It really is that simple.

The Benefits

Companies that offer run clubs for their employees see an improvement in employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

As well as improving health and fitness, run clubs are an excellent way to blow off steam, build friendships, network and develop relationships among team members.

You'll also see reduced absenteeism thanks to better physical and mental health of staff.


Prices vary according to a variety of factors such as number of sessions a week, length of sessions and location. Get in touch and we'll have a chat about what works best for you.