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Personalised Training Sessions

Our one-to-one sessions are the ideal way to get your training on the right track.

They take place with a professional UK Athletics Running Coach at a location suited to you. With 1-2-1 coaching you get:

  • A hour-long individualised training session with a UKA running coach
  • Expert analysis and advice on technique, drills, training and strength & conditioning
  • A session structure suited to your needs
  • Post-session summaries with a "homework" suggestion

All delivered by a professional UK Athletics Running Coach for just £50 per session.

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Who's It For?

1-2-1 sessions are perfect for anybody who could use a bit of technical guidance, strength & conditioning tips or help structuring their sessions. And that's pretty much all runners!

Beginners will benefit from getting it right from the start, and more-experienced runners can fine-tune their technique and training to ensure the best results possible.

Sessions are offered with coaches in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Somerset.

How It Works


You fill in an enquiry form and a coach will get in touch within 24 hours.

We'll have a chat - either by email or phone - about your running history, current status and goals and agree a first session, at a time and location suitable for you.

The Sessions

Each session will be highly individualised and planned and structured according to your needs.

A typical session will usually include one or more of: technical analysis and review, strength and conditioning work, running drills, warm-ups, cool-downs, flexibility and stretching, mini-sessions and lots of expert tips and advice.


After the session we'll send you a summary of what we covered and a suggestion of a session to complete on your own.

If you're planning just one session, we strongly recommend our technical analysis option. This is a thorough 90-minute session that's followed up with a detailed report.

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1-2-1 Coaching Testimonial

“Love the sessions in Green Park and am starting to really understand now how everything fits together. I'm actually starting to feel like a proper runner, and not only that, but just so much more knowledgeable... finding myself looking at everybody's running form now!” Andrew, London